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Y7 Marketing is Launching the First Decentralized Marketing DAO on Algorand

Updated: Aug 25, 2022

PRDAO Using NFTs for First Round Fundraising for Governance.

The Public Relations Decentralized Autonomous Organization (PRDAO) is a blockchain platform that connects Algorand projects with marketing freelancers offering digital services in fields such as community moderation, graphic design, technical writing, web development, etc. Founded by Ryan Shriver, a professional marketing expert in the blockchain space, PRDAO aims to be the first job marketplace built on the Algorand blockchain and the first Decentralized Marketing DAO anywhere. By launching on Algorand, PRDAO takes a completely decentralized approach that helps both employers and service providers. PRDAO will empower marketers to take their careers to the next level by being the go-to stop for finding work opportunities around the globe.

PRDAO is the first project to launch in the HIVE ecosystem. As part of its initial fundraising, PRDAO will be launching an NFT collection, with a total of 225 rare artworks by lead artist vjFred, for sale by random Shuffle for a cost of 1000 ALGOs each. The initiative will also serve as an initial fundraising campaign where NFT holders can become Governors and get exclusive perks. In this blog, we’ll explore the importance of Governance NFTs and how you can benefit from holding them besides from the pleasure of owning the art itself.

- Each holder is set to receive an upfront unlock of 44.444444 HIVE tokens at TGE, then there is a 6 month lock to ensure token stability, then daily airdrop of 2.197802 tokens for 6 months for every NFT they own. This distribution would last for 365 days. This is the lowest discounted token price and is 20% under the IDO token price.

- Holders will get early access to the PRDAO services to help with testing the platform. The levels earned by a Governor during the early access period will be retained, thus, giving them a jumpstart towards achieving level 10, which is the highest level and where the greatest commissions are.

- A Governance position, when the PRDAO V2 launches, is another benefit. Governance NFTs allow holders to vote on major decisions shaping PRDAO’s overall and future strategic direction in development/grants tokens, reserve tokens, staking/rewards tokens, and transaction fee structure. The Governors will have long-term benefits from these decisions because collectively they will have control over the largest wallets in the ecosystem.

A more detailed explanation of the investment opportunity can be found here and the white paper and Tokenomics can be found here.

As the team is preparing the launch on testnet by the end of August, There may never be a more perfect time to join the PRDAO community.

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