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Y7 Marketing Forms Strategic Partnership With Glitter Finance to Help Investors Easily Prosper From

Updated: Jun 14, 2022

Successful blockchain projects require strategic marketing service providers to help them achieve long term brand goals and showcase their services to the right audiences. But even with a surplus of projects to partner with, Y7 Marketing is proud to partner with Glitter Finance to assist with marketing and strategic planning for the first Algorand/Solana bridge.

What is Glitter Finance?

Glitter Finance is a game-changing innovator bridge that easily integrates the everyday user into the crypto world. Moreover, the ‘Bug Bounty Program’ is now live as well, which will hopefully assist in bolstering security and help deter fraudulent entities.

Essentially, the project removes any and all technical as well as psychological barriers by offering user-friendly, streamlined architecture, thereby allowing anyone in the world to feel comfortable investing in crypto and taking part in one of the fastest growing industries today. With that in mind, some of the main features of Glitter Finance include the $XGLI native token, the new and improved ‘Solana Token Minter’, the ‘Solana Mass Token Distribution System’, and finally the ‘One Bridge’ which can be used to successfully bridge wrapped assets between different blockchain ecosystems.

How does Y7 Marketing benefit from the partnership?

Y7 Marketing’s main goal is to provide all kinds of blockchain-related services and features that a business or company in this sector may require. At its core, Y7 Marketing is hence a marketing agency designed specifically to help blockchain businesses, and with a team comprised of industry professionals with nearly two decades worth of marketing experience across a wide range of business-oriented fields, it is no wonder as to why so many are actively choosing Y7 Marketing to help them grow their businesses and maintain their respective communities. Y7 Marketing is also a proud partner of ‘Algo Newb’, a popular YouTube channel.

With that in mind, it would make all the sense in the world for Glitter Finance and Y7 Marketing to work together as both are focused on improving the process of entering and profiting from the crypto sector in addition to also making everything more seamless and efficient.

Glitter Chain will serve as a multipurpose blockchain built on the Cosmos SDK. In its first iteration, it will serve as the relay chain/hub for the Glitter Finance bridge. It will help increase transparency and security for the bridge. In the future, it will be upgraded to serve as the central point for the bridge (multi-chain transaction hub) serve as the home for multichain liquidity, and the home for Glitter Staking and the Glitter DAO. Glitter Finance is currently on testnet with its Solana/Algorand bridge and is working on the Cudos/Algorand and Polygon/Algorand bridge. With the involvement of the highly successful Algorand Foundation, which is committed to helping showcase what the Algorand blockchain is truly capable of by taking full responsibility for its open-source ecosystem, decentralized governance, and monetary supply economic policies, the partnership is sure to succeed.

In terms of accomplishments thus far, the $XGLI native token has been launched and so has the aforementioned Solana/Algorand bridge on testnet. That’s not all though, as the mainnet launch is expected to occur on June 30th, 2022, and there are also plans to launch a new blockchain by the end of the year. For more information, be sure to follow Y7 Marketing via the official website and LinkedIn channels.

For more information about the Y7 Marketing and Glitter Finance partnership please visit and Linkedin, for and Twitter.

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