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Y7 Marketing Announces Partnership With Citrust

Updated: Jun 14, 2022

Citrust is a centralized location where projects on the Algorand blockchain can go to reach not only a larger audience but the true heart of the Algorand community. Y7 marketing is announcing that it will collaborate with Citrust on strategic marketing and advising strategies.

The founder of Citrust, Monty Brennan, is a businessman, author, and YouTuber who has been and still is, an influential voice in the Algorand community. During his long and fruitful relationship with the community, he began to notice a problem: Members of the community desired more information about projects on the blockchain, both new and old,

and creators of these projects wanting more exposure for their newly created entities.

The partnership between Y7 marketing and Citrust will bring more visibility to the services offered by Citrust. Seeing as it is easy for Crypto enthusiasts to get confused by all the noise and the hype surrounding several blockchain based projects, Citrust is focused on shedding light only on the facts, making it a credible and reliable source of information on the Algorand ecosystem, thus simplifying the process of carrying out proper research on Algorand based blockchain projects. Y7 marketing is bringing with it its wealth of knowledge and experience in the marketing field to help Citrust reach its target users who are constantly looking to eliminate the need to subscribe to multiple YouTube Channels or join multiple discord servers and several Telegram groups to stay informed.Citrust is proud of its reputation of being a trusted source of information about projects in the Algorand Ecosystem.

About Y7:

Y7 marketing has experience marketing for several businesses, fundraising events, blockchain, web3 businesses, sales and so much more. They have a vast portfolio that covers businesses in the real world, online, and even in the Crypto space. They are a marketing firm that is dedicated to their clients, helping them grow and maintain loyal and satisfied communities around the different businesses they cater to.

About Citrust:

Citrust is a one-stop shop for all Algorand data and communication between the community and key holders. It makes available project updates and user reviews about each project in the Algorand ecosystem. Users have access to all of the information for each project in one convenient place along with a method to communicate directly with the project team. Project information is aggregated directly from the source into one easy-to-navigate user interface (UI), offering project managers the tools they need to engage the community about their work. One unique feature of Citrust is that the community gets rewarded via the bounty programs for interacting with projects and providing honest and unfiltered user feedback. Citrust aims to build a better ecosystem through community collaboration and communication thereby facilitating a project development process that carries the community along.

For more information about the Y7 Marketing and Citrust partnership please visit and LinkedIn and Twitter, for and Twitter.

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