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KryptoNurd and Y7 Marketing Team Up to Offer Environmentally-Friendly Crypto Features and Services.

Updated: Jun 14, 2022

The Crypto world is not the only world we have and any business or project that wants to ensure its own viability and longevity should also be concerned with the environment and long-term health of our planet. Y7 Marketing and KryptoNurd, a blockchain media company, have come together with that exact mindset to help organizations do just that.

Cryptocurrencies, while profitable, also consume an enormous amount of energy. This massive energy consumption (at times more than what an entire country consumes) has led many critics to argue that Bitcoin (BTC) and the entire crypto sector will not be sustainable unless these environmental effects are addressed. Even the US government has recently talked about managing crypto mining more efficiently, signifying that this is truly a global issue.

Algorand and the Algorand Foundation have emerged as the leaders in counteracting environmental crypto damage by creating the only carbon negative blockchain. The KryptoNurd team is also passionate about reducing or eliminating negative effects on the environment. In November of 2021, KryptoNurd partnered with Climate Trade to release the first certified Carbon Negative NFT project series, created to highlight the energy-related inefficiencies of Bitcoin (BTC) and Ethereum (ETH).

Who, or what, exactly is this KryptoNurd?

The KryptoNurd mission is to engage, educate, and grow the crypto community in a positive way. The driving force behind the KryptoNurd team is Monty Brennan, an Algorand enthusiast with a strong background in sales, marketing, and finance who also hosted the DeCipher 2021 Conference in Miami, FL.

KryptoNurd launched their native token, $NURD, in February of 2022 on Algorand. The tokens were designed to reward the KryptoNurd community for their involvement in activities such as blogging, event participation, project reviews, and educational videos. The more users participate, the more $NURD tokens they can earn, and holding $NURD tokens will unlock more opportunities to participate in all kinds of new and exciting community projects.

Y7 Marketing clients to benefit from this partnership with KryptoNurd

Y7 Marketing is focused on helping all kinds of blockchain-based firms and companies grow their business and maintain their communities. This partnership with the environmentally-aware KryptoNurd will offer Y7’s blockchain clients easy and efficient ways to offset and increase awareness about the negative impact of crypto energy consumption. Additionally, Y7 will use their extensive marketing experience to further promote the KryptoNurd family of projects and the $NURD token. This will in turn add more utility to the projects as a whole.

For more information about the Y7 Marketing and KryptoNurd partnership please visit and Linkedin, Twitter, and KryptoNurd

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