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AlgoFund and Y7 Marketing Partnering on the Algorand Blockchain

Updated: Jun 14, 2022

Y7 Marketing is a marketing agency focused on assisting various companies in the crypto and blockchain sector to grow their business in addition to expanding their outreach and maintaining their communities. In order to keep providing top-quality services, Y7 Marketing has partnered up with AlgoFund, an Algorand native launchpad, move that will surely be mutually beneficial for everyone involved.

What is AlgoFund?

Let’s begin by understanding what AlgoFund actually is and what it does. AlgoFund serves as a springboard for innovative and disruptive initiatives on the Algorand network, which is part of the Algorand Foundation. The goal is to assist in the funding of startups while also offering a secure platform for early investors.

AlgoFund provides access to unique and useful projects from a wide range of fields like NFTs, cryptocurrencies, decentralized exchanges, infrastructure, and advising via the launchpad. In addition, it will also strive to make IDOs comparatively easier for all projects who are raising funds in a bear market. AlgoFund, therefore, includes a secure fundraising environment along with low entry and early access features.

The platform was created to address prevalent crowdfunding issues which pose unnecessary risks to both investors and developers. In this way, AlgoFund creates equitable decentralized launches in which investors can choose between a lottery tier and a guaranteed allocation tier, along with also offering a reasonable presale offering on behalf of the startups and hopefully attracting investment from those who will support AlgoFund's vision.

What does Y7 Marketing gain from the partnership?

As AlgoFund is committed to solving key issues commonly associated with this industry, Y7 Marketing would hence certainly benefit from this partnership as, once again, the agency’s main goal is to help others and provide the best blockchain-based marketing services to potential clients. So far, the $ALGF token, which is the native token used for governance and participation in the IDOs, has been successfully launched along with the introduction of staking rewards. The main focus going forward will be on AlgoFund’s launchpad as well as offering advisory and marketing-related services for new projects being built on Algorand’s respective ecosystem.

For more information, visit Y7 Marketing’s official website and LinkedIn page as well as AlgoFund’s website and Telegram, Twitter, and Medium channels.

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